Body Back Preview

Hi Friends!

I'm Lydia and welcome to my random ramblings on working out and motherhood. Both are exhausting and hard and make me really sweaty.

I"m a mom to three little ones, ages, 4, 3, and 1. They're wild and crazy and when I'm not yelling at them to be nice and pick up toys, I love them to pieces.

Finding time, making time, devoting time to working out is so hard, Body back is the perfect excuse to get a great workout in, kid free, and have some me time. It's funny how your me time changes after kids, Going to the gyno, the dentist, and working out all qualify as relaxing me time.

The body back preview class was amazing, I mean, I can barely walk or pick up my children today, but still, amazing. I'm so excited, giddy excited to start this 8 week journey. I love this program and community because it is a no judgement, no competition zone. It is based on hard work and encouragement from everyone there. I love it. We're all there for different reasons, but with the same goal, to take care of us for one hour. To not worry if someone has their snack or drink or shoes on, (also to get out of bedtime), but to focus on us, on our mental and physical health for one hour.

The class is no nonsense, the warm up feels like the actual workout, and the workout feels like you may not make it, and then you do. As Tracy kept saying last night, "you're stronger than your excuses." So true, even though some of my excuses are really good, I am stronger than them, It's a one hour class, just one hour, and every exercise is just one minute, one minute! It's scary, but so doable. Plus we're women and we're moms so basically that already makes us the strongest people on the planet!

Just a PSA, if you're on the fence about doing this program, do it! Get off the fence and register. I 100% guarantee you won't regret it. You'll regret it in 8 weeks when you start seeing the before/after of people who did it and start thinking that that could have been you. It's so much more than just working out, it's building a community with the ladies you're doing it with. It's laughing about how your husband came home and said he's so tired::insert eye roll:: yeah, same man, same. Catching up on what new illness your kid has, or why you have to beg toddlers to eat, seriously though, why??? You'll find yourself looking forward to the class, actually craving it and needing it. So do it. You get a great a workout, all the resources to change your eating habits, great recipes, and friends to share the journey with.

The official start is Saturday. Today I throw out all the garbage food and drink all the wine, because I don't want to be completely wasteful, and start gearing up for the next 8 weeks. I'll be back next week to check in, if my arms still work!

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