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Mom of the Month - January

January 10, 2017

Meet Erica, our January Mom of the Month!

Erica is mom to 3 blond beautiful girls, Talia (7), Callie (5), and Malena (2). Originally from Chicago and a veteran mom at the FIT4MOM Chicago location, she moved up here and become FIT4MOM Brookfield/Tosa's first member. You can tell this mom knows her way through a workout and that fitness has been a big part of her life. Needing hardly any direction and always just going right into the exercise she could basically instruct the class. Other's admire how much she pushes herself at every class and strive to be in the kind of shape she is in - and a mom of 3, she can certainly teach some of us a thing or two about parenting. We love having you as part of Our Village, Erica!

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides I truly value being able to do something for ME during the day without feeling like I’m neglecting my kids. I’ve tried using gym day cares in the past and I’ve always felt horrible leaving my crying kid. Whether I have one or all three of my daughters with me, we can all have fun at Stroller Strides. I also know I’m setting a good example for them on how to stay healthy. Mom guilt is real, but I don’t have it while I’m at Stroller Strides.

What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? Anything cardio. It’s my barometer of where I’m at. I can tell immediately if I’ve been working out regularly or if I’ve been slacking and it motivates me to work out more.

What is your favorite part about being a mom? I love watching these little blobs turn into real people. It is amazing seeing their personalities develop and how different they each are. They make me laugh each and every day – they also make me pull my hair out, but mostly laugh.

Favorite thing to do when Malena is napping? When my youngest is napping, I’m usually spending some one-on-one time with my middle child and soaking her up before she goes to school full-time next year.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family? With three kids in different developmental levels and each going in different directions, my favorite thing to do as a family is simply come together each night and have dinner. We all eat – we can agree on that.

What is something about you that someone may not know? I never thought I’d be a stay at home mom. I was never the motherly type, never babysat, never really even liked kids and was highly career focused until my first was born. Suddenly I was very passive about finding childcare because I didn’t want to go back to work. I sucked it up and went to work until my second was born and I convinced my husband to make some drastic changes in our lives so that I could stay home with the kids. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food? My favorite healthy food is yogurt – love it! My favorite unhealthy food is a bag of chocolate covered sea salt butterscotch caramels from Trader Joes. I highly suggest not trying them because you will find yourself making excuses to go to Trader Joes so you canget them.

What is your favorite color? Peacock blue

What is your favorite song or artist? There is no way to pick just one – Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, JT, Prince, Dave Matthews Band, Sean Mendes, Meaghan Trainor, Pearl Jam… They all take me to a different place and time.

What TV shows are you currently watching? Well, I am forced to watch Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, Sofia the First, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Liv and Maddie… What I’d prefer to be watching is any kind of reality TV or documentary. My favorite is The Amazing Race. Real Housewives of pretty much any city is a train wreck I can’t turn away from. This is Us is my new Parenthood. Game of Thrones – except for the whitewalker parts I could do without.

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